What is run Get Rainbowed?

Get Rainbowed is a fun family run in a swirl of colors. Children and adults, young and old, individuals, groups or families with children - everyone can participate! All you have to do is set off on a 5km-long route running or by walking, and be showered with paint in five colour zones. In this 8th year we meet in Strakonice, in Olomouc, Prague, Ústí nad Labem and in Pardubice.

For who is the event Get Rainbowed?

The event is for anyone who likes a combination of entertainment and sport. Do you like to try new things and crave unusual experiences? Then Get Rainbowed is right for you. :)



What is included in the start package? 

Again this year, each package is different:

BASIC = T-shirt  Get Rainbowed, sackpack, 1 color, tattoo/sticker, keyring, starting number, medal at the finish, refreshments on the track and other small surprises from event partners.

TOP = T-shirt Get Rainbowed, 3 different colors, tattoo/sticker, keyring, sakcpack, glasses, bracelet, starting number, medal at the finish, refreshments on the track and other small surprises from event partners.

WOW = T-shirt Get Rainbowed, 5 different colors, tattoo/sticker, keyring, sakcpack, glasses, bracelet, beanie cap, starting number, medal at the finish, refreshments on the track and other small surprises from event partners.

How do I pick up the starting package?

The launch packages will be issued the day before the event and on the day of the run. We always specify the details on the web at least 7 days before the event. Learn more about each run.

Is it possible to pay the starting fee via invoice?

No problem! Email us at info@barvamneuteces.cz

Will it be possible to register on the spot?

If the running capacity isn't filled, we'll let you register on the spot. Since it will be at the last minute, however, the starting fee will be slightly more expensive and only the BASIC or TOP package can be purchased.

You asked for your starter back in 2021, but you still haven't received anything?

The refund of the starting fee shall take place no later than 31 October 2022. We'll inform you by e-mail as soon as we send the payment.

I have to abort my launch unexpectedly. What's the deal with getting the starter back?

Unfortunately, the refund of the starter is not in our power. But we have another solution - your registration can be transferred to another runner or transferred to another city. :) The re-registration fee is 100 CZK (change is possible 24 hours before the event) and the transfer of the run to another city is 250 CZK (change is possible 7 days before the event).

Is it possible to tranfer my registration to someone else?

Of course :) But you have to find a replacement runner by yourself. Email us at 4gsyQOQ8WkIk3.9ma.po9W7r - we will cancel your registration and send you the code to register a replacement runner. The re-registration fee is 100 CZK. Re-registration is possible no later than 24 hours before the event.

Is it possible to change my shirt size?

Yes. Email us 4gsyQOQ8WkIk3.9ma.po9W7r. The change is possible no later than 14 days before the run in the given locality.


Other information 

Do I have to be an active runner if I want to take part in the run of Get Rainbowed?

You don't have to! It's not about physical fitness or about any kind of training. Get Rainbowed is a crazy run on a five-kilometre route in a swirl of colours. You can run, walk, crawl or even jump on one leg, just choose what you, your family and friends will enjoy the most!

From how old can I participate?

Run Get Rainbowed has no age limit. All children under the age of 3 can run with an adult free of charge without a starting package or for a registration fee of 200 CZK with a starting package. But if you are not yet 18 years old and registered, then you need to provide written consent from the legal representative.

Can I run with the pram and the kids?

Of course! All children under the age of 3 can run with an adult for free without a starter pack and do not even have to register! If you would like to purchase a starter pack for your children, it is possible for 200 CZK when registering the child.

Can I bring my dog?

It's at your discretion. We don't recommend doggies, but we don't throw them away. And the same is true of cats, ferrets, hamsters, snakes, fish and other pets. :)

Is there a time limit to run?

No limits! Get Rainbowed is not a time trial, a sprint, a relay. Runners at the event go at their own pace, which is comfortable so that they can enjoy the run as much as possible and even on the track to sit

What if it rains?

However, if an unprecedented burst of clouds rushed to Olomouc, Strakonice or Prague, follow our website, social networks and your e-mail boxes, where we will inform you about everything.

Will refreshments be provided on the track?

Yes, there will be one refreshment station on the track and one at the finish.

What about testing or vaccination?

Please keep up to date not only on the website of the Ministry of Health, but also on our website and social networks, where we will inform you before the event takes place

Will it be run in Pilsen this year?

We are still discussing the deadline for Pilsen with the city. Please keep an eye on our website and social networks to learn everything as soon as possible.



Colors are hygienically safe, tested and created from food dyes. Still, it is best not to pour the coloured powder directly into the eyes and not to inhale at the top of the lungs. If you are sensitive, we recommend wearing sunglasses for your run and you can pull a scarf or dust mask over your mouth.

Will the colors ruin my clothes?

Some of the paint fades from the clothing itself shortly after the event. The sooner clothes are washed, the better they are to get rid of paint (in short, the same lesson as for any other dirt). Still, we recommend that you wear only what you won't be sorry to dye.

I still don't understand the colors…

Along the color zone, you'll meet a color team whose only goal will be to throw you from head to toe. As they throw the colored powder into the air, you'll feel like you're running through a rainbow. The resulting effect is illustrated by UV lights that glow each of the colors.

Can I still buy paint?

If it's too little, you can buy paint packets from the Information booth.

Will you be washing us at the finish?

The colours will partially fall off you and there will also be a chance to rinse. But why do you want to clean immediately? Actually, it's a lot of fun to meet colourful people around town who come back excited about Get Rainbowed.

My hair is bleached, won't it be colored forever?

We know from experience that even bleached hair can be washed off. But it is harder than from unbleached hair, so we recommend taking extra care to keep the color out of your hair.


Have you not found an answer to your question here?

Are you interested in anything else? Then don't hesitate to email us at 4gsyQOQ8WkIk3.9ma.po9W7r or share your question on our Facebook page. Perhaps it will also satisfy the curiosity of other fans.