Phenomenal color show - it's Get Rainbowed!

For the 8th time in a row, we will color 5 cities across the Czech Republic!


Have the most colourful run of your life :)

Get Rainbowed is an event full of colors, great mood, friendships, time spent together and unforgettable experiences! A run in which the main motive is not speed but, above all, fun. Children, teenagers and adults, young and old, individuals, groups or families with children - everyone can participate! Hit the 5km route by jogging or walking and #barevnytym will fill you with colours in 5 colour zones.



You have plenty of options:)

You want to outdo yourself and push your sporting limits? Go !

Want to switch off from everyday worries and mundanity? This is exactly the event for you!

Want to have a fun day with friends or family? Let´s do this!

Do you want to meet VIP people, YouTubers or just spontaneously meet new friends? Go with them and get to know them! You got 5km to do it #colouredunatelst <3


Bore? :)

You won't find it here! Apart from an attractive running part and a workout you haven't experienced before, there is also a rich accompanying programme, including the traditional mass toss of colours. Simply, truly GET RAINBOWED!

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